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Mercury Cougar 1999 engine is shacking?

I bought 1999 cougar V6, engine is shacking stopped or driving I changed all 6 spark plugs and the wires (cables) and the engine still shaking, could it be cylinder? or what could it be? transmission seems good no problem hefting (auto trans ) I took all of the 6 wires when the car was turned on and 5 of the 6 has electric but one does not do any thing...I just unplugged them and looked for a little sparks, but 1 of them does not work. if it's cylinder do you know how much is it cost to get it done? thanksMercury Cougar 1999 engine is shacking?you said one isn't sparking? trace that wire back to its source, I'm guessing it would be a coil pack right?Mercury Cougar 1999 engine is shacking?good to hear buddy, take it easy, good luck

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Mercury Cougar 1999 engine is shacking?It might not be the cyclinder or the spark plug.

There wire that comes from the distributor to the spark plug might be worn out, so check that. Change the spark plug for the faulty cylinder if you havnt.
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  • I have a rough idle! Help!?

    I have a very bad idle when I'm in the D position. But when I put it in neutral or park, it lessens. I've changed my pcv valve, air filter, timing belt, and spark plugs/wires so far. What could it be? I will be flushing my coolant(irrelevant) and replacing my fuel filter soon. Will that help, or is it my motor mounts?

    Also my check engine light is on and I have to change both o2 sensors.

    How much is it to change the motor mount? Easy job for a weekend mechanic or no?I have a rough idle! Help!?It could be the idle speed too low it should be at 900 or choke is sticking the motor mounts are esey too do and is the check engine light still on go buy the reader at local auto store 20 bucks take care of that problemI have a rough idle! Help!?i dont believe its the motor mounts because it would shutter the whole car regardless of whether its in gear or not. the fuel filter may very well solve your problem, depending on how long its been since its been changed. bad oxygen sensors could also potentially be the same since they can make the car misfire if theyre worn. good luck. shouldnt be too bad.I have a rough idle! Help!?try cleaning the IAC valve

    cost: 3 bucks

    1986 Ford F150 distributor cap firing order? Identify changed out motor.?

    I think the firing order and location of the spark plug wires on the distributor cap of my truck are wrong. The motor has been changed out of the truck before we got it. How do I identify the motor in it to look up correct distributor cap wire placement/firing order?1986 Ford F150 distributor cap firing order? Identify changed out motor.?You should see a tag or imprint somewhere on the block that has a serial/model number on it. It may be hard to find under grease, components etc, but it is the only way to know for sure. If you know any ford guys, they can usually tell you what engine it is and you could find the firing order online. Look for that Tag or stamp on the block!

    Ford firing orders GENERALLY, but not always are the same. On some of the high output engines the firing order is different.

    I am not talking about your owner's manual. LOOK on the ENGINE BLOCK!1986 Ford F150 distributor cap firing order? Identify changed out motor.?Look on the intake manifold, sometimes they put them there..

    according to this the 5.0 and 7.5 are the same,

    here are the rest of them,

    for id, on the windsors (302-351) the radiator hose goes into the front of the manifold, on the Clevelands it goes straight to the block, and on the 429/460 it goes to the top of the manifold..

    How can I get my 92 GMC Jimmy started?

    Ok so i've changed the starter, fuel pump, fuel filter, Battery, Spark Plugs, and new wire set. It catches if I spay ether in to it, but as soon as it sucks up the ether, it stops. I am completely out of Ideas on where to go from here. Please help me.How can I get my 92 GMC Jimmy started?needs feul.

    fuel injectors.

    fuel pump relay?

    fuelpressure regulator?

    ... whne you turn the key to ON--can you hear the fuel pump? if so, dont worry about the relay.

    when you try to start it, take the breather off--crank it while some one looks into the intake--you see gas? (if it's a TBI injection, which mine is) if you dont, then it's a injector problem of some sort--check the harness conenctions, go from there.

    fuel pressure regulator is a huge possiblity.

    good luck.

    just some ideas to toss at you.How can I get my 92 GMC Jimmy started?An engine needs three basic components, fuel, compression, and fire, to start. It sounds like you are not getting any fuel, so checking the fuel system would be a good place to start.

    If you don't already have one, you might want to get a manual, which will show you how the different systems work. Haynes is cheap, while Chiltons is more expensive and sometimes has better instructions.

    Ford aerostar no fire to plugs.?

    1988 Ford Aerostar gets 11v from coil but no spark from plugs. Getting gas to engine. Changed distribuitor, rotor, tried a different plug. It happened suddenly one day it was running good then the check engine light came on as it cut off. I tried it a few times with no luck. Sat for 10 minutes tried it again - it ran all the way home. The next morning I tried it again and it just cranks won't turn over since. Rotor spins; serpentine belt turns; there are no points on this model year. Did not change the condensor or wires however using a digital volt meter I could tell there was current present. 11.4v at the battery. It ran good no smoke or backfiring. (I thought about the timing) Some other threads suggested it might be the relay but I can't see how that can be.. Can any one Help?Ford aerostar no fire to plugs.?Have you tried the ignition switch? This could do what you are speaking of. There are alot of wires that engage alot of items on your van thru this switch. Good luckFord aerostar no fire to plugs.?To me it sound like a loose connector some were in the ignition system. I would check all of your connectors, fuses and relays for oil dirt oil or corrosion. I had this same problem with my old Toyota and it turned out to be just a corroded fuses that goes to the coil. the car would do every thing you mentioned. by the way Toyota sucks the worst car ever Japanese cars :(. American cars :). any one who disagrees is ant American and obviously knows nothing about cars. Support American cars they are built by hard working people who are dedicated to building quality cars.Ford aerostar no fire to plugs.?Did a battery light come on? Battery should be around 12v. Could be your ign module or camshaft sensor.

    My dodge neon runs like the piece of crap that it is...?

    I have a 2000 Dodge Neon (dont blame me, my wife owned it when I met her) that is running like crap... doesn't want to start, idles rough and acts as though it's going to die, and sometimes makes a popping sound, maybe backfiring, while trying to accellerate... So, i'm thinking i'll change the fuel filter (thats probably never been done), get new spark plugs (the car has over 130000 miles)... maybe new spark plug wires? How often do they need to be changed? I dunno, i'm kinda lost here, any advice?My dodge neon runs like the piece of crap that it is...?%26quot;No Maintained!?%26quot; Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Remove %26amp; Clean Throttle Body, Reset Idle and Check Fuel/Air Mixture (Engine Shop Later), Plugs, Wires %26amp; Coil Wire, Flush System before Changing Oil %26amp; Filter, Clean or Have Injectors Cleaned, %26quot;Steam Engine, Engine Compartment %26amp; Bottom of Engine!%26quot;As long as you're doing all this go through the Cooling System, Flush, Change Coolant (50-50 Clean Water %26amp; Anti-Freeze), New Thermostat, Check All Hoses %26amp; Water Pump. %26quot;Sounds Like Fun Right???%26quot;

    Sparks (Good Ones) 75,000 to 100,000 Miles, Wires if they look Cracked or Inside Contacts Are Bernt.

    P.S. Had a Neon for 9 Years Before I Retired and they run Great (220,000 on mine) but have to be Maintained! Was Still Running Strong When I left it to my daughter.My dodge neon runs like the piece of crap that it is...?Do a full service, replace everything that you said dont forget the cap and rotor, timing belt, do the water pump while you there, flush the cooling system and the fuel system and the car should run like new, unless there's more problems. Then just sell the damn thing.My dodge neon runs like the piece of crap that it is...?Yes a proper tune up would help, but I also advice to have your vehicle timing belt check and replace. All the tune up work should have done on you care every 30K miles or 2 years, and the timing belt should be replace at 90K milesMy dodge neon runs like the piece of crap that it is...?do a compression test neons have head gasket problems
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  • How do i fix my piston rings? and what r they?

    i have a 1994 ford ranger, 4cly, 5 speed so there is 8 spark plugs and wires.

    i was told to junk my truck due to the Piston O rings r shot. since its junk can i %26quot;work%26quot; on the engine with my lil tool kit and try to replace them? make my truck run great again like it did 3 months ago and for the last 10 years!!!!

    do they actually look like lil rings? will i need 4 ?

    i will need to replace the head gasket and the valve cover gasket too?

    seals that hold the throttle body down to the intake?

    maybe that gasket too? ,should i rebuild the throttle body while im at it????

    btw changing out the spark plugs. and all the wires.

    how long will this take me? ya i am a girl, been a while since i got my fingers dirty.....thanks and wish me luck. if i mess it up, then i am out a few bucks, and a lil time.,.,,if i dont try then i am not who i say i am!

    have a great day and ty for reading either way...How do i fix my piston rings? and what r they?LOL. I got a good chuckle out of your question and at most of the answers. no offense, but you know absolutely nothing about engines, except what you have heard repeated from a shade tree mechanic. and neither do most of the people who threw up an answer.

    I will not sit here and waste 30 minutes telling you about the intracasies of an internal combustion engine, so bear with me when i give you the shortest answer for your issue.

    Your piston rings are located on your pistons (obviously) and this is an internal part. You would have to remove the engine from the car and disassemble the entire motor to replace the piston rings.

    Not only, however can you just %26quot;replace the piston rings%26quot; and drive along merrily. You must take that block to a compitent machinist, have it cleaned and checked for cracks or damage, and he will have the final say-so on how much material will have to be removed from the cylinders to %26quot;clean them up%26quot; for new piston rings.

    Probably, (and most older engines fall into this category) you can take a worn out block and bore it .020 or .030 over (.030 over is highly common) and install new oversize pistons and rings, then reuse the rods, crank ect (all good reusable parts) and replace all gaskets with new gaskets obviously. You cannot reuse head gaskets, intake gaskets, ect.

    I highly recommend you either let a trained professional do the work, or buy another vehicle that doesn't have these issues, because if you attempt to do this yourself, you will be walking, not driving.

    You must have quite a bit of miles on that 2.3 engine, as they typically last well over 240,000 miles. If nothing else, and IF you have enough knowledge on the subject, you can pull another 2.3 engine from a mustang, other ranger, or pinto. Those motors are highly common.How do i fix my piston rings? and what r they?Well they are inside the engine so you need to do a lot of disassembly just to get them out. You would need to replace all the seals and gaskets that you took apart (and since you have everything apart its easy to just take the everything rest apart and make sure everything is fixed/rebuilt not just the obvious problem). This is why its not worth it to fix on such an old truck.How do i fix my piston rings? and what r they?to replace the piston rings you have to tear the hole engine down. The engine will have to come out of the truck to do this. Each cylinder has three rings on it, two compression rings, and a oil ring. Almost all of the gaskets will have to be replaced. There is no need to rebuild the throttle body. It will take a lot of time. Sorry, but its not worth it.How do i fix my piston rings? and what r they?Changing the piston rings is a MAJOR job and cannot be done without removing the engine. Plus, the cylinder will need to be honed as well. This is not a do it yourself type of job.How do i fix my piston rings? and what r they?8 plugs so you have 8 pistons and on those pistons you have oil rings and compression rings. if all that,s wrong then your better off to change the motor.How do i fix my piston rings? and what r they?blast it with pissHow do i fix my piston rings? and what r they?It would take to long to explain everything but here is a little insight. It's a big job that requires allot of precision tools and equipment as well as knowledge. The reciprocating motion of the pistons turns into rotary motion of the crank shaft. This creates friction and heat where the oil comes involved. There are three rings on the piston that stop the oil from entering the combustion chamber. If the rings wear out, you'll have black smoke out of the exhaust and your spark plugs will be oily. The cylinder walls are probably worn out not to mention allot of other things. It's too big a job for most people. Good Luck to you!How do i fix my piston rings? and what r they?I dont intend to discourage you but this is a really complicated job for someone with no experience. If you will need the truck anytime soon I highly recommend taking it in for repair.

    If you want to keep the truck as a project and work on it as you learn then I would recommend getting a factory service manual and going along at your own pace.

    Good Luck! its a lot of fun to be able to work on your own vehicles and you will learn a lot in the process.How do i fix my piston rings? and what r they?Piston rings go around the piston (the thing that moves up and down) so oil and gas and crap doesn't leak out of the cylinder. They are very difficult to replace because you have to take apart the block. Yes they look like rings, as they go around the round piston. You may as well replace all, yes. You may as well replace the valve gasket while you are at it, because if the rings are fried, then most likely, the valves are going to be leaking. No, I doubt the gasket that holds the throttle body and intake will need to be replaced. It will take you all day, or even two days. Good luck! A Le-mans repair manual like, Haynes or of the same sort, will be very handy!