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Why does my car short out randomly from the spark plug to the block on one cylinder?

I replaced all the plugs and wires and it still does it. I can feel it jump when idling. It was worse before I changed the plugs but still happens now. I can see the spark jumping. what is this and how do I fix it?Why does my car short out randomly from the spark plug to the block on one cylinder?well, if its shorting out it could be a # of things, but if your sure its bc the spark plug getting to the block, check ur cylinder and pistons to see if they are getting connection, if not clean it out, possibly run higher octane fuel. but can u add if it happens when its hot or cold?Why does my car short out randomly from the spark plug to the block on one cylinder?You probably replaced the sp wires with a a cheap brand go get mfg. recomend type.Why does my car short out randomly from the spark plug to the block on one cylinder?Replace the spark plug wires too, it is jumping from the wire most likely...Why does my car short out randomly from the spark plug to the block on one cylinder?Cheap plug wires, get better ones.

1990 chevrolet caprice is the anyone tat can help get me back on the road?

i had a friend change my spark plugs and wires some how he didn't remember wire the wires went on the new distributor cap is it anyway to find out or does anyone know we have the firing order but don't know were the go on the distributor please help.1990 chevrolet caprice is the anyone tat can help get me back on the road?firing order is 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2

Driver side front to rear is # 1 3 5 7

Pass side front to rear is # 2 4 6 8

Rotor/firing order goes clockwise

Remove #1 plug, put finger over hole, have buddy to bump the key so starter turns engine a tad. When you feel air blowing on your finger stop (up stroke should blow and down stroke should suck)

Now using a 5/8%26quot; socket and a pull bar, put socket on center lower pulley/damper bolt and %26quot;tighten%26quot; the bolt that will turn engine over

Turn like that till your line on damper matchs up with the 0 or TDC mark on tab.

Now pull dizzy cap off.

What ever post the tip of rotor button points to is your #1

Put #1 plug back in, mark with marker or paint %26quot;1%26quot; on the dizzy cap in right place

Put rest of the wires on in order of 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2 clockwise around cap1990 chevrolet caprice is the anyone tat can help get me back on the road?rotate the engine until the #1 cylinder is at top dead center of the compression stroke (both valves closed and 0 degrees on the timing plate) locate the post the rotor is pointing at. That is where the #1 plug wire goes, continue with the firing order around the cap in the direction of the rotor rotation.1990 chevrolet caprice is the anyone tat can help get me back on the road?Bring your timing mark on the fly wheel to TDC

Take out the number one plug and make sure the piston is at the top on the compression stroke. You can hold your thumb over the spark plug hole when aligning the timing mark to see if pressure is forces past your thumb to be sure you are on the compression stroke.

Take off the distributor cap. The rotor will be pointing at the number one position on the cap. Follow the firing order to finish. You can figure out which direction the rotor turns by having some one tap the ignition with the cap off and watching which way the rotor turns.1990 chevrolet caprice is the anyone tat can help get me back on the road?The manifold will have the cylinders marked so you know which cylinder is which. The distributor cap should have number 1 embossed on the cap. Now look at the engine at the cylinder banks. One bank will be slightly more towards the front of the car. The front cylinder on that bank will be number 1. This is true of all V engines because of the way the pistons have to be arranged to fit opposite each other. All you have to do then is follow the firing order clockwise on the distributor cap.
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  • Why is my plug wire sparking through the boot?

    Ok, I have no idea what to do now. My spark plug wires are arcing through the boot? I have changed the spark plugs, changed the plug wires 3 times, and changed the coil pack, nothing helped? Would putting some %26quot;High Heat%26quot; silicone on the heads around the boot suffice? How about the spark plugs with the 4 point end (Bosch Platinum +4)? I was thinking that the extra points to arc would diminish the possibility of them arcing through the boot (Less Resistance and Distance for the Arc).Why is my plug wire sparking through the boot?Electricity always takes the path of least resistance.The boot must have a tear in it.Use diaelectric grease when putting them on.Make sure you have the correct plugs with the correct gap.

    `84 Chevy Caprice Spark plugs...?

    My friend had the roder and spark plugs changed about a week ago, and now the car isn't working at all - We fixed most of it, but now the mechanic says it's losing power quickly, probably because the spark plugs aren't connected to the roder correctly.

    What I'm trying to find out is how do I find out if each wire connected to the spark plug is correctly connected to the roder...? I'm not sure at all.`84 Chevy Caprice Spark plugs...?First of all its called the rotor. if you changed the rotor you also should have changed the cap since the rotor is under the cap. make sure the timing order is correct. #1 cylinder is marked on the cap and the is the front spark plug on the driver side. the firing order is 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2. the rotor spins in a clockwise manner. so the next plug to fire is 8 which is far rear plug on passenger side. so the right side is odd 1357 and the left is 2468. it is common when doing what you did to sometimes get the order wrong when reasembling the parts. make sure the plugs are also in tight and not crossthreaded. this is tough on the left side if you have airconditioning so take your time. then last the plug wire connection will snap into place when it is a good connection.hope this helps. also a chilton maual will help it has pictures of what youre trying to figure out. its only about 10 bucks.`84 Chevy Caprice Spark plugs...?just push on the wires down on the DISTRIBUTOR CAP and push in, on the SPARK PLUG WIRES. if you are loosing power, check to be sure that the vacuum hose is connected to the air cleaner snorkel. there is a valve in there,and if it is closed, the engine will starve it self for air,and gradually loose all it power.

    How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?

    I am about to buy a 1974 Nova, it needs new points and I have never had to change points before, how do you do this, how hard is it, and where can I get points at? Also should I go ahead and change the spark plugs, distributor and spark plug wires as well, the car has been sitting since 2003, what do yall think? ThanksHow do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?Best thing to do is get an HEI upgrade kit from Summit Racing's website. There are a number of them available from several manufacturers. Dump the old breaker-point style components...It makes life so much easier.How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?you can buy the points at your local auto parts retailer and they can tell you the correct gap and show you how tyo set the gap. To change the points you remove the distributor cap and the rotor button. You will see the points sitting under the rotor button remove the screw then the points the installation is the reverse of removal. Hope this helps.How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?you can get points at an auto store( Kragen, NAPA,Checker,Knecht). you should also change the plugs,condenser, cap, rotor and plug wires. the condenser may come with the points.

    points are fairly easy to change, just make sure to set them properly.How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?It's easy to change. Just pop open the distributor cap remove the old points and install the new one. It's a gizmo probably held with two screws. I don't know why they use plural - points - because it's a very singular item. It's like the only thing under the cap. It opens and closes while riding the distributor shaft. Also under the cap: the rotor. You should put in a new cap, rotor, points, and wires unless the wires look new and heavy duty.

    It looks like this:

    Go ahead and click on a few of those images. They reminded me: you sould also replace the condensor. All these parts are cheap but very important.

    Pics of rotors: do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?HI

    are you sure it has points... the 70's was when they were going to Electronic ignition.

    As far as the rest Yes change out the spark plugs %26amp; distributor CAP (not the distributor) %26amp; rotor and plug wires if they are bad.. All can be bought at any parts store.

    If you change the spark plug wires be sure to do them ONE AT A TIME SO YOU DON'T MIX THEM UP..( this has be done a lot.) Same with the cap. the cap will only go on one way so line the new cap up next to the old cap and move the wires one at a time.

    If its been sitting that long you may have to have the carburetor rebuilt and or cleaned it well be gummed up with the old fuel (float may be stuck, needle and seat may be stuck open as well as the jets may be plugged and accelerate pump shot from sitting dry.)

    good luck on your project

    TimHow do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?Some 1974 Nova's have no points in the distributor, they were replaced with an ignition module which is screwed-down where the points use to be. If it does have points your GM dealer is the best source for new ones. Don't stew they're easy to replace along with a new condensor. The points are held into place with two small screws on either end of the point set. Don't completely remove the screws just loosten them up they'll slide right out. The condensor is held down with a ring sleeve opposite the points.

    After you've installed the points twist the plate where the rotor springs and advance weights were sitting till a lobe of the points cam opens the points. Their should be .019 clearance between the points when the cam lobe is in the center of the point arm. Adjust with a small allan wernch on the left hand side. GM has a special cam grease. Don't wipe on too much.

    To double check your workmanship hook up a dwell meter and start the car. With the small allan wernch lift the window on the distributor cap and twist the screw till you see between 28 - 32 degrees of dwell angle on the meter. 30 degrees is about right on the money.

    Use an AC-Delco, standard or MSD cap and rotor. AC-Delco, Moroso, Taylor and MSD makes the best ignition wires. Don't use any of Auto Zone's cheap off-shore ignition parts.

    How often should you change your spark plugs?

    I have a '98 Mazda Protege LX 1.5L 4 cylinder with just over 111,000 miles. I was wondering how often you need to change the spark plugs. Also, I heard people say they changed the wires, rotor and cap. Do you need to do that too?How often should you change your spark plugs?The normal rule of thumb is to change the plugs and wires every 100,000 miles. As far as the rotor...if your car has that because most vehicles nowadays are all electronic...I wouldn't replace that until you start having issues with it.How often should you change your spark plugs?Forget about replacing wires, The factory wires should last for the lifetime of the car, unless they have been eaten by squirrels. Power wash your engine for starters. Remove your dist cap and check it INSIDE for the presence of engine oil. Many times, oil under pressure will find it's way here. Wash it out with CRC electronic cleaner. It will remove the oil and evaporate quickly. Replace the cap and rotor at 100,000 miles, using ONLY genuine Mazda (nippondenso) parts. There is a resistor in many dist rotors that go bad with age. Locate, remove and clean your IAC valve (idle air control valve). Use Gum-out spray. Clean the throttle body and plate and PCV valve, too. Run the Gum-out through the engine with car running, warm. Any carbon inside the intake manifold will dislodge and get dispelled. When everything is factory clean, replace the plugs. Use the new Nippondenso Twin Tip plugs ($3 each). Or nippondenso Iridium plugs ($9 each). Engine and sensors should ALL be clean. Plugs are last step. These plugs will give you best power and fuel mileage. Wait and see!!!! If you MUST change the wires, use ONLY factory wires. Never short change the original parts. They were made to last longest and work the best. The plugs I have mentioned will react with modern fuel and burn more cleanly and produce more power. Emissions go down,too. For even better performance, motor flush the engine and use ELF oil (France) made for Mazda (JASO ratings). Change it once yearly. Your engine will LOVE you for it!!!! So will your lifters, rings, and other engine vitals. Good luck!!How often should you change your spark plugs?Read your owners manual. Your car probably needs plugs at 60,000 miles or so, if your car runs on an ignition cap and wires, then yes, replace plugs, INSPECT wires for damage, check your points in the cap for wear (if dull, replace, if they have a sharp edge still, probably ok). If you car has electronic ignition, the plugs probably could go longer. My fathers ford F-250 has electronic ignition, so the plugs need replaced at 100,000 miles... factory stated.How often should you change your spark plugs?you should change it like every 3 1/2 year

    Something went wrong while changing spark plugs. Help!?

    My dad and i were just changing the spark plugs in a 2003 Chrysler Town And Country. This is a 6 cylinder front wheel drive van, so 3 of the cylinders are facing the front, and 3 are facing the back. While we were changing the middle back one, the top half of the spark plug broke off, and from looking at the bottom half, the piece that broke was between 1/4 and 1/8 of an inch long. We were able to get the plug out, however we were not able to locate the top part. We just figured that it fell into the engine compartment somewhere. But when we finished changing all the plugs and started the car, the engine knocked very loudly, and would not stay running. My suspicion is that that part of the spark plug fell into the cylinder. In fact, im almost sure of it. My question is this, is there any way to tell for sure that this is what happened? Could we have just accidentally switched one of the wires? I know this is most likely to not be the case and that there probably is a piece of spark plug in the cylinder, but im just looking for some chance that this is not what happened. anyway, i know quite a bit about engines, and i aware of what could and probably did happen to the piston, cylinder, and valves. but does anyone know about how much a fair mechanic would charge to fix this? I know it wont be cheap, but im just seeing if anyone had some guesses. So, thanks for your help.Something went wrong while changing spark plugs. Help!?I did that.I got it out using a vacuum cleaner with a small pipe connected to it.Something went wrong while changing spark plugs. Help!?it sounds like you crossed a spark plug wire. after you broke the top off did you look in the socket for the top cuz the socket has a rubber ring to hold the spark plug. but if you did drop it in there it could be anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand to fixSomething went wrong while changing spark plugs. Help!?You have a major problem, you will need to remove the cylinder head to remove the offending article, after that you may be ok, or your valves could be damaged.

    You may on the other hand be very lucky and you will remove the debris, and the engine will fire up ok. Sell the car ASAP sell it as spares and repairs, sold as seen. If your lucky the engine wont fail for a while.... on the other hand it may start losing compression or it might have interupted the seal of the head gasket...... so it may ovrheat...

    At this point learn your lesson always rotate the engine with no plugs first to see if there is any interference before even attempting to crank it. I think this will be a hard lesson if your unlucky. SorrySomething went wrong while changing spark plugs. Help!?Check the firing order first. Cost you nothing to double check.

    If it all correct, was the lower half of the spark plug still all in tack, most likely nothing dropped it. If the center electrode was missing, then you may have problem.Something went wrong while changing spark plugs. Help!?Look again for the piece of spark plug that broke off to prove it's not in the cylinder. So your saying that the broken piece could have fallen down in the spark plug well so that when you removed the plug the piece fell through the plug hole into the cylinder? Use a mirror and flashlight to view around the plug to see what you find. Recheck the spark plug wire connections to make sure they're on the right plugs. Recheck the spark plug part number you installed to make sure it was the right plug for your engine.
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  • Is a head gasket leak causing my problems?

    I have a 1994 ford probe gt. for long time now, at least 6 months, i've been having a starting problem with my car. When it hasn't been on in about 20 minutes, The engine doesn't start unless i pump the gas and takes about 3-5 seconds to start. However, it's always started for me after hundreds of times. most of the time, though, after sitting for more than 5 or 6 hours it will start immediately with no gas pedal input at all, likewise when its been only a few minutes since i turned it off. the first 5 seconds of so of idle can be quite rough (sometimes it does stall back out but if it does it usually fires right back up) but after that, the engine runs perfectly, idling, cruising, or flooring it.

    I changed the fuel filter a while back to no avail and have changed spark plugs (wires were already like new). The engine does burn some oil (i add 1 or a little more quarts per oil change), but that is normal i suspect for a 16 year old car. The oil and coolant do not mix and there is not white smoke from the exhaust (when it's warm that is, obviously you can see exhaust when it's freezing). The car used to give off a bit of blue smoke on startup but i haven't noticed this since the end of last summer. There is some oil which seeps into the wells that the spark plugs sit in which i think might come from the head gaskets. Is it possible that the oil that seeps into the wells leaks through the spark plug threads and makes them not fire until the engine has turned over a bit? the plugs look fine when i take them out though (the insulator and the electrodes are nearly perfect but the outer ring where the threads end generally have some oil on it, some cylinders pool more oil in the wells than others) so i dont know how valid this is. or maybe oil just leaks right into the cylinder where it pools a little until the first couple seconds of turning over have cleared it? this problem has perplexed most of the people i've talked to. I'd like to fix it but i dont really want to change the gaskets. The problem really doesnt have a detrimental effect and i've become quite used to just pumping the gas a few times to start. but if it is something moderately simple to fix i'd love to clear it up.Is a head gasket leak causing my problems?Okay... To answer your oil pooling. The oil is coming from the camshaft rocker cover. Change that gasket; it is cheap and takes five minutes to fix (4-6 small bolts) and easy to get at.

    Change the spark plug leads (they call them wires in the USA) and change the distributor cap, too, while you are about it. Just because they look good and clean does not mean a thing.

    Best of luck.Is a head gasket leak causing my problems?Have you had it properly tuned up by a qualified mechanic.

    Until you do don't be guessing

    If there is a major concern he can tell you.

    Go see your auto parts store and get yourself a Chiltons or Haynes repair manual for your vehicle.

    It will help you answer and solve problems without having to guess.Is a head gasket leak causing my problems?You need to change the valve cover gaskets and it will stop that oil that is seaping through is getting the spark plugs and causing it to miss mire until it burns off that is why ts ruff on the start of your car. and the oil will only leak after its done workingcause the oil will be moveing inside so much it wont be able to leak. Now once it stops it will all leak out cause it will sit over the spot where it leaks and seep out down to your spark plug and you have to wait till burns off again. Now that is why you see little white smoke from the start of the car cause the oil that is in the cylinder is burning off and once burned all then runs perfect. take your car to change the valve cover gaskets or do it yourself it only cot like 20 bucks for the gaskets and like 200 for someone to do it.Is a head gasket leak causing my problems?The only thing pumping the gas does in a fuel injected car is exercise your leg. Trust me on that one, it has NO effect on what the engine is doing until the engine starts.

    Change the wires because moisture and oil causes them to go bad.

    You might want to clean your throttle body on the car that old.

    But in complete seriousness, stop wasting time pumping the gas, you only think it is what gets it to start, it's not.

    EG5 owner on auto tranmission. How to make it fast?

    Hi allz,

    need some expertises by anyone. My car is getting slower and slower anyway to boost it up except for turbo. I did tune it with air flow controller for couple of times result is sluggish after 3months driving. I did extractor change, drop in air filter, racing plug wire, spark plug change to denso iridium.EG5 owner on auto tranmission. How to make it fast?ignition box would be a good addition to your plugs and wires. go with headers and exhaust, the more fuel you burn the more back pressure(this is me assuming your running stock exhaust on a d series engine) relieving some back pressure should get you better acceleration response plus add some ponies. there is a crap load of stuff you could do, you should look into bolt on options....i would recommend a swap or a small turbo, but this is just me

    What is all done when you get a tune up on a car?

    I have a 98 ford escort 125,000 miles, I know how to change the spark plugs and wires, do a oil change, change the air filters but what else is done when you get a tune up. Also should I get the fuel filter done professional?What is all done when you get a tune up on a car?A Tune-up varies with the shop or dealer you choose. The list you

    have should include, Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter.

    With the miles you have on it there are several other concerns such

    as Timing Belt and Alternator Belt, A/C Belt, and having the coolant

    tested for its protection level (-40F) and a general check of hoses and

    vacuum lines. While it is up in the air a under-car check will spot

    and avoid problems with exhaust system and shocks and brakes etc.

    A professional service with a reputable company is always a good

    thing. Good luck with your ride!What is all done when you get a tune up on a car?all the info you need is in a shop manual [at local parts store] or amazon.barns and noble.books a million..on line']''''the 20 dollar cost saves you hundreds on DIY stuff and you are smarter when fighting [lol] with your mechanic...What is all done when you get a tune up on a car?just type into search box

    how to tune up car

    should get you most of the ideal of it really you replace anything that is bad tune up like plugs wire cap and rotor about it air filter some fuel filters inside fuel tank an dnot a good thing to do at home but can but you can get the info plug and filter most part is itWhat is all done when you get a tune up on a car?you can change the gas filter yourself. you need to clean out the throttle body with throttle body cleaner. don,t forget to check the pcv valve. with that many miles i would use the high mileage oil. that,s what i use in my oldsmobile, it has 130,000 on it.check all hoses including the vacuum hoses.


    HELLO!! My car is running rough since a month, I changed plug wires,spark plugs (ngk), air filter, drive belts, engine oil, but it still runs rough! Can my distributor be the reason? How do I test if my distributor is working properly? Does it have any inicial starting position everytime the engine goes on/off? What about the solenoide? Can my solenoide output voltage be the reason? Meaning less spark...?

    I step on the gas but there is no acceleration increment (as before) and no power (even with a V6!). The car SOUNDS like it %26quot;has%26quot; POWER but when on the road it just doesnt show! The only thing changing is my gas bill (wasting more gas $$$). I try to avoid hills because its hard to go up with the condition my car is in!!

    Can an EGR valve or IAC valve (or any other valve) get damaged when washing the engine with a hose/degreaser? What are some common components that may cause an engine like mine to run rough?

    And finally, can it be possible (meaning the reason of my problem) the intake manifold be clogged with gunk? Or some other air/fuel/gas hose? The car has only 82,000 miles, BUT it only had 1 time replaced air filter (55,000 miles I guess) and the one that it had wasnt filtering 100% since its width wasnt the appropiate!!

    Also Im thinking fuel injectors may be working wrong...I hosed them with water when attempting to wash my engine. Can they go BAD that way? I took off my battery when washing the engine...

    And one more question, HOW DO I TEST a spark plug? I have one method which is by disconnecting (when the engine is running) a plug wire from the spark plug, and if the engine %26quot;stumbles%26quot; or if I hear a change in engine performance, then there is spark in the cylinder...The problem is, I DO NOT HAVE a 10K Volt generator to see the arc in the spark plug!!1993 Nissan Quest GXE 3.0L DISTRIBUTOR??? SOLENOIDE? WHAAATTT??? HELP HELP HELP!!!?did u change cap rotor u didnt say if u did timing could have jumped too did u check fuel pressure u can test the coil spark should jump atleast a half inch dist is optical water could have damadged it if it got into it check ur basics again so u know where problem is coming from iff ur useing alot of gas check ur o2 sensor reading if stuck lean comp will add more fuel same thing for coolant temp sensor which is notorious on nissans check ur connections since early nissan wiring harnessses tend to corrod injector dont useually go bad on these nissans they usually leak like i said do ur basics again test spark fuel pressure timing then if everything checks out check input from sensors tps .5-.9 at idle maf 1.2-1.5 at idle coolant temp around 3.5 at normal engine temp easier to see with scanner iff u need any more info email me1993 Nissan Quest GXE 3.0L DISTRIBUTOR??? SOLENOIDE? WHAAATTT??? HELP HELP HELP!!!?Sounds like cam timing (as opposed to ignition timing) jumped.

    If it only happened after you washed the motor check if the inside of the distributor cap is wet. Dry it with WD-40.

    What is wrong with my Buick?

    I have a 94 Regal 3.8. I just changed the spark plugs and pcv valve. Before that I took it for an oil change. After the oil change the car began making a grinding sound when the wheel was turned all the way. After the spark plug/wire change, the car is now shaking slightly when in gear. It is worse in reverse and non existant in neutral. Also there is a clicking sound coming from the engine (not sure if it is new, or I just never noticed). The car has 164,000 miles on it. What do you think is wrong and how much should I expect to pay to have it fixed? (Or even better how hard would it be to fix myself?)

    All fluids have been checked and are at an ok level. A mechanic said recently that there was some metal shavings in the transmission fluid.What is wrong with my Buick?One thing at a time. Oil change and wheels are not the noise was there before the o.c.. Would guess that the rim of the wheel is rubbing on the frame. There is a steering stop that can be adjusted to prevent the wheel from going over that far.

    After spark plugs and wires were changed

    car runs crossed a wire someplace or you have a dead new plug.

    Clicking noise could also be a spark jump from a spark plug wire to ground(either on the block or the frame) look under the hood at night and see if you can %26quot;see%26quot; blue sparks%26gt; fix that and it might just run better too....for that would give you the dead cylinder.

    Metal shavings in tranny fluid, normal.What is wrong with my Buick?Dude your grinding noise issue has nothing to do with the oil or spark plugs. You better go have your tires/ball joints/suspension checked. I know this sounds weird comming from a girl, but my husband has his own repair shop and I've learned a lot. Sometime tires shake because of the tire having a broken belt inside.

    As for the clicking sound you would have to be more specific. Maybe you have wires crossed.What is wrong with my Buick?I think you should start to look for another car. The buick you have is on it's last leg. I am a mechanic at a local car dealership and i have years of experience repairing auto's... your problems don't sound good...What is wrong with my Buick?The shaking that you are describing is your engine misfiring. The reason it is OK in neutral or Park is that your engine is not %26quot;loaded%26quot; in these positions. Only when you place a load on the vehicle- drive or reverse- will this condition manifest itself. I bet if you were to drive this car at about 40-45mph in 4th gear with the torque converter engaged and slowly accelerated the car you would feel this shaking on a larger scale. The rear spark plugs on this engine stink to get to and can easily be cracked if you aren't careful. I am pretty sure that your problem is ignition related. Do not forget to check the ignition coils for carbon tracking-black soot-if you see this replace the coil(s) as well.

    Good LuckWhat is wrong with my Buick?lean toward it being a cv shaft (axle halfshaft) if its a fwd, otherwise get under it an see if they left something wedged up under your cars driveline components. a cv shaft u can do at home if u are mechanically inclined but they can be a pain an can also get pricey, they typically pop when turning. if they go out when u are driving u will know bc the car will no longer accelerate and just roll to a stop. u can always drain your tranny an investigate, usually shavings accumulate on the magnet thats in the tranny pan if there are any at all. investigate for yourself unless u know the mechanic VERY well to be safe. good luckWhat is wrong with my Buick?STOP steering it all the way over on either side!

    there is NO need to turn the steering wheel all the way over until it hits lock left or right. By just backing off a tad until it is OFF lock, it will keep the pump from straining pressure thru its relief valve, and causing a lot of wear on your pump AND also you will not lose any of the front wheel steering angle you are trying to get to get out of that tight spot!

    When you back off the steering wheel off full lock you are not losing any of the front wheel angle, and also you will not be slamming the pressure into the relief valve!

    They probably put the wrong heat range or gapped the plugs incorrectly, they also could have damaged a wire. It is more important to change the wires as they wear out about 30,000 miles (before they start changing resistance) Plugs should last a lot longer than that as cars do not use lead anymore these days which fouled plugs really quickly back then!

    They may be using a lighter oil than was in it the last time , that could be causing the clicking sound.

    If the trans is shifting fine, then don`t worry about it.
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  • Car only getting spark on two out of four Spark Plug Wires can someone help?

    Hey everyone I have been posting a lot about my car lately and I solved my spark issue when I changed out the engine computer I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996, 2.0 L, DOHC Non Turbo. Well when checking all the spark plug wires that ran to the ignition coil I found out only one of the 4 spark plug wires were actually getting spark from the ignition coil. So I went out and bought a new set of spark plug wires and once I tested these only 2 of the 4 spark plug wires were getting spark from the ignition coil. So now I went out and bought a new ignition coil pack and replaced that and it is still having the same issue. Could someone please let me know how to solve this problem with getting the other 2 to get spark?Car only getting spark on two out of four Spark Plug Wires can someone help?was the new ecu you have replaced a new or second hand unit. other than a fualty ecu if you have replaced the ht leads and the ignition coil its possibly bad wiring if your not great with electrics then its the job for an auto elec. bad wiring can be a pain to find without the correct equipmentCar only getting spark on two out of four Spark Plug Wires can someone help?Buy and install a new distributor capCar only getting spark on two out of four Spark Plug Wires can someone help?need a new distributer cap and rotorCar only getting spark on two out of four Spark Plug Wires can someone help?You have checked the %26quot;wires%26quot; themselves, - and they are all good? New ignition cables are not %26quot;wire%26quot;,they are a thin carbon resistor material, and easily damaged, - and I have seen new ones from box bad! Assuming these are good, then next thing I would check is %26quot;reluctor vanes%26quot; on ignition sensor pickup! These are the Little things that pass in front of pickup as engine turns (in old days the equivalent was the %26quot;lobes%26quot; on distributor that opened the ignition points)! I am not expert on how ignition pulses are delivered on this car, but the principle is about the same on about everything now . there is a pickup somewhere that the pulses to ignition group comes from. If you only have one coil then there is a distribution system, if you have a %26quot;cap%26quot; on a distributor (resembles old time systems), the check cap inside for carbon tracks, -- if you have individual coils then it all comes from the pickup on crank somewhere! My grand daughter has the last one I worked on some Time ago and it still used the 1 coil!Car only getting spark on two out of four Spark Plug Wires can someone help?i,am kinda handicapped when it comes to foreign cars but i,ll take a stab at it. you said it had a coil pack and you put a new coil pack on and still won,t start. what about the module, maybe it,s shorting out. look under the cap, there should be a pick-up there. maybe it,s bad.

    My '83 Mercury Grand Marquis is running rich with gas,How can I fix it?

    I love my car and want to really fix it up. The problem is that it runs rich. When I take it out it takes time for it to shift and when it does,the car jerks leaving a trail of black smoke. After that the car runs great,but uses alot of gas.I have changed spark plugs n wires. Which are covered badly. I constantly change the oil cuz it get really black. My drive way has black spots from where the car throws the black smoke. Shoudl I get a carbeurator? or is there anything else. I have taken my car to several places and have paid alot of $$$$. Being a girl and taking it to the mechanic is hard....What do I do?And no I cant afford another car at this time.My '83 Mercury Grand Marquis is running rich with gas,How can I fix it?it is possible that you have a vacum leak, that would cause this, also it could possibly be the pcv is plugged,( possitive crankcase ventilation ) also be sure the base of the carburator is tight on the center head, does this do it

    only when its cold, if so the updraft butterfly could be stuck in the open position, other than these things i cant say ,, maybe you could get a mechanic to come and take it for a drive when it is more apt to do this;

    add; the butterfly im talking about is inside the tube that runs up to the air breather from the exaust manifold,

    that is to keep the carborator warm till the engine gets up to tempurature, some use a butterfly and others use a vacum unit attached at the airbreather

    good luck with it,My '83 Mercury Grand Marquis is running rich with gas,How can I fix it?Refer to manufacturer's car, and you can find their own technician on that way less headache.

    1996 eclipse gst MT - no spark to cyl #2 and #3?

    Hi, everyone and thanks for your help!!

    Here is the problem:

    I got a code P0300- multiple cylinder misfire

    Things done to car:

    1-changed spark plugs and wires

    2-got new ignition coil (for cylinders 2 and 3)

    3-checked compression- about 175 psi across the board


    I am not getting any spark into cylinder #2 and #3 from coils, but yes into #1 and #4.

    I do get power from ignition coil connector (female end). How do i check if it is the (male end) connector of the ignition coil connector? I am thinking this is the problem, since i do get power and cylinders #1 and #3 are firing. Also, could it be the ignition power transistor? How do I check that?

    any help is much appreciated!!1996 eclipse gst MT - no spark to cyl #2 and #3?Get the wiring digram and check the coil grounds. Im not sure where they are but that will cause the problem you are having.

    Where to find plug wire diagram or just help on plug wires for 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block?

    Can some one please help me? I'm trying to figure out the firing order or maybe I mean the schematic for my spark plug wires on an 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block 4 wheel drive truck. While my husband was changing them I believe he accidentally got probably 2 of the wires confused. ( This is why beer and auto repair doesn't mix, lol. ) He said after he changed the plugs he then began changing the wires and did them one at a time but after completing the job the truck is now back firing like crazy. I asked him if he might have gotten some confused and he said, I guess it could be possible, but I don't see how since I did them one at a time. My other thought was maybe the gap on the plugs could be off. Anywo, he got pissed and says he's going to take it to the mechanic and I said, why?? I told him I could find a diagram for the plug wire schematic on-line and he isn't convinced I can find this. He won't go near the computer, lol. I know the answer is here somewhere, lol. Now I'm on a mission to find and do this myself. Seriously this is a mission! Please help my be hailed as a genius. lol Come on I know this isn't rocket science and the fix here is simple. And I do know a few things about cars and I love working on them and trying to understand them.

    If I'm standing in front of the truck facing the engine and the firewall. Since there are 4 plug wires on the left and 4 plug wires on the right of the engine, can someone tell me what each plug number is from back to front, starting left to right while facing the firewall? I have done some searching and I keep seeing the firing order, if I'm looking right that is at, 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2.

    So would that mean while facing the firewall my first plug numbers on the left side (passenger side) starting closest to the back and working forward is 1,8,4,and then 3 would be closest to front of engine on the left side, then over to the driver side from the first plug closest to the firewall 6, then 5, then 7, and 2 would be at the closest to the front of the engine? Yes this is a guess on my part.

    Ok now to the distributor cap, 8 wires and one for the coil wire, right. How do I figure this thing out to see if maybe one of the wires got put on there wrong? Can someone tell me what what number plug wire goes to what point on the distibutor cap? Working clockwise.... If you can be specific with the starting point.

    I was hoping to find a picture diagram of the wiring schematic on-line somewhere but so far I've had no luck. Maybe someone can tell me where to find this??? Help please..... Like I said, I'm on a mission now, lol.Where to find plug wire diagram or just help on plug wires for 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block?driver's side, front to back, are 1,3,5,7, passenger side, front to back are 2,4,6,8. firing order is 18436572 clockwise on the distributor. hope this helpsWhere to find plug wire diagram or just help on plug wires for 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block?The firing order, which should be cast into the intake manifold, for the chevy small block V8 is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. The firing order is the numerical sequence in which the spark plugs are fired. The insertion position of each spark plug wire around the circumference of the distributor cap can be found according to a clock face. The insertion sequence determines the firing order. The firing order is followed clockwise around the distributor cap starting from the 6:30 position with the 6:30 position being the number one cylinder spark plug wire.

    On classic chevy small block engines that use ignition breaker points instead of electronic ignitions, the number one cylinder is the one immediately clockwise of the small metal sash cover on the distributor cap. The firing order starts here. There is no sash cover on the distributor cap for GM HEI electronic ignitions, and the firing order is the same, but starting at the 5:30 position.

    The firing order makes sense if you know how the cylinders are numbered. The number one cylinder is the front most on the drivers side and 2 being the front most on the passenger side. From front to back, the cylinders are odd numbered on the drivers side, and even numbered on the passenger side.

    The firing order starts with the number one cylinder. We would connect the number one spark plug wire to the distributor cap terminal in the 6:30 position. Since the next cylinder in the firing order is 8 (passenger side rear), we connect the number 8 spark plug wire to the next distributor cap terminal (approximately 7:30 position) in the clockwise direction from number one. You need to be sure you continue the firing order in the clockwise direction around the chevy small block distributor cap from the last installed spark plug wire. Setting the rest of the firing order is just a matter of repetition. Be sure to count the spark plugs from front to back on each side of the motor to identify the correct cylinder number in the firing order.

    The rest of the firing order wiring process is a matter of tracing out the spark plug wires and connecting them to the correct terminal. If you find it difficult to trace the spark plug wires you can use a little bit of tugging back and forth on each end of the spark plug wire. Simply pull the spark plug wire off the spark plug for the cylinder number you are working with, and while looking down the side of the motor, tug or jiggle the wire using quick short tugs without pulling it taught. Find the other end of the spark plug wire near the distributor, using the other hand, and you can then tug back and forth to be sure you have the right one. Don't pull them tight though. This exercise can be a little challenging since the front 2 spark plug wires on each side should be routed between the small block chevy motor mounts and the engine block and then through some spark plug wire clips at the bottom of the engine block, but at the top of the oil pan, then around the back of the cylinder heads and up to the chevy small block distributor cap. They won't be in your immediate view.

    As a general rule, as I said earlier, follow a clockwise direction around the distributor cap when setting the firing order. This is much easier than following the cylinders along each side of the chevy small block motor, and trying to skip terminals on the distributor cap while locating the correct distributor cap terminal. It can get too confusing. If you get it wrong, you will likely have to pull them all out and start over to correct the firing order.

    Being systematic about it and following the 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 firing order around the distributor cap is the best way to be sure you complete the job correctly.

    BTW, why do you love your box, other than the obvious?Where to find plug wire diagram or just help on plug wires for 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block?type firing order diagram chevy an dif yuor wanting to replace them just do one wire at a time and most of time left front wil be one butWhere to find plug wire diagram or just help on plug wires for 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block? to find plug wire diagram or just help on plug wires for 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block?driver side cylinders are 1=3=5=7 pass side 2=4=6=8

    the rotation on the dist cap is the firing order you are looking for 18436572 The cap probably has the no 1 already marked on it You can bump the motor over to check the rotation Good luck and have a beer on meWhere to find plug wire diagram or just help on plug wires for 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block?With verryyy few exceptions, all Chevy V8's have used 18436572 as the firing order...number 1 cylinder is the front drivers side plug, and on the drivers side of the engine it is 1357, passenger side 2468...depending on how the distributor was originally installed, number one plug wire should be either one of the two posts on the cap that are over the shiny %26quot;dwell adjust door%26quot;, and the distributor rotation is clockwise looking down on it.Where to find plug wire diagram or just help on plug wires for 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block?go to and go to specification highlight 350 and then to spark plug firing order, that should get the info you need.Where to find plug wire diagram or just help on plug wires for 83 Chevy Scottsdale 350 small block?Mission accomplished!!!!

    Firing order is 18436572. cylinders down the drivers side of the truck starting from the front are 1357 and down the passenger side starting from the front are 2468. looking at the distributor cap from straight up standing in front of the truck you will see an electrical connection pointing out the right side, go counter clockwise 3 towers, this is #1 (driver's front corner of the cap basically) working clockwise from #1 is then 843657 and 2


    I just changed my spark plugs and wires and like 3 months later it feels like I have a misfire... and I wanna know which plug it is so I won't have to buy a whole new stHOW CAN U TELL IF YOU BLEW A SPARK PLUG?Check the firing order first as you may have put the wires back wrong . This is a common mistake. Then pull the plugs out to see if any are black or corroded. After that maybe it is the fuel mixture or bad wires.

    Good Luck!HOW CAN U TELL IF YOU BLEW A SPARK PLUG?Get your self a pair of rubber handled pliers or spark plug lead pliers, then with the engine runing, remove one lead at a time until you find that removing a lead will not change the idle. The one that doesn't change the idle will be the plug with an issue. Check the gap and check the ceramics to see if it's cracked.HOW CAN U TELL IF YOU BLEW A SPARK PLUG?You get out the obd2 scanner and see if there are any misfire codes. Still if you didn't use di-electric grease on the wires this is probably causing your problem.HOW CAN U TELL IF YOU BLEW A SPARK PLUG?the car wont start...durHOW CAN U TELL IF YOU BLEW A SPARK PLUG?Go buy one and change it from cylinder to cylinder till the problem stops. DONE!

    (hope it's not more than 1 that's causing the problem! I'd just change them all again, spark plugs are not that expensive)HOW CAN U TELL IF YOU BLEW A SPARK PLUG?Disconnect the fuel line. Either pull the fuse or disable the system you don't want it to fire up when you do this. Pull one plug at a time and turn the car over like your starting it.Look for a spark at each plug. Good luck
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  • Why does my S-10 cut-out at high RPM's?

    I have a 1997 S-10 4.3l, it starts to cut-out after around 3000rpm and I can't figure out why. I've change spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, and had injectors cleaned still no better. It could be that I have a faulty Mallory ignition modular. But have no idea how to diagnos or repair aftermarket parts.Why does my S-10 cut-out at high RPM's?I don't know. I have had 2 4.3 liter engines. I didn't have that problem. Had that problem once with a V-6 olds. It was the coil pack. they have a bad design on the fuel pumps as well. Try to see if it only does it when you are low on gas. Like below a 1/4 tank. The fuel pumps are in the gas least on the 2 4.3 liters I owned..( Astro Van..and Blazer )and they are up a little high. The problem with that is that the fuel pump is actually cooled by being submerged in gas and when you get below 1/4 tank..guess what..fuel pump gets hot and eventually burns up. they cost 200 bux so don't run it below 1/4 tank.Why does my S-10 cut-out at high RPM's?Sounds like the ignition module. When the coil goes bad, it's can't charge/discharge fast enough to handle higher rpms.Why does my S-10 cut-out at high RPM's?Either it has a rev limitor (rare at 3000 rpm) or you need to go back to a stock delco ignition.

    Maybe buy a Ford if this doesn't work out. haha..just kidding.

    2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?


    I have a 2005 Ford Focus 5 speed. I'm planning on changing the plugs and wires this weekend and am looking for suggestions concerning a good, all-around, affordable spark plug to purchase. Any advice? Also- what is the recommended gap-width and how do I set it?

    Thanks!2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?I am guessing it came with Motorcraft or Autolites, good plugs and probably platinum. You should not have to change them until 100,000 miles. and I also don't think you have wires. My Focus has Coil on Plug system .. the coil is directly above each plug.. If it is not running well it may be a different problem.. do you have a %26quot;check engine lite on%26quot;??.. Auto-zone will read the code and tell you what the problem is..2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?NGK is what i use i don't know the gap on your plugs but if you look under your hood there is a white sticker that should tell you or its in the owners manual. you will need a plug gapper. you can pick it up when you buy your plugs. the gapper is only a buck. the place you buy the plugs from can tell you what the gap is and will even show how to use the gapper. but most NGKs are pre gapped but is a good i dea to check them.2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?N G K anytime2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?Get NGK plugs but make sure they are the correct ones listed for the car, dont use the motorcraft plugs they are rubbish! Get you spark plug wires from the dealer, I have put aftermarket ones in befor and it usuall leads to the spark tracing down the inside of the lead, ruining the plug and causing a missfire.

    If the plugs speced for your car a platnium they will be gapped out of the box, DONT touch them just put them in, they have a very small center electrode which is easily bent/damaged.

    As for the plugs lasting 100,000 miles, Im pretty sure the factory change is supposed to be at 60,000 miles or before.

    Most of the focus's Ive worked on have developed missfires before this so probably better to change them more often anyway2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?Dude, if you are asking how to set your plugs and what type to buy on here, DON'T do it yourself! Take it to a real mechanic, you are driving a car with a misspelling, it should be spelled with two %26quot;U%26quot;s and no %26quot;O%26quot;2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?well, i would go with BOCSH PLATINUM spark plugs, there pretty good plugs, and for the gap, it should say the gap SPECS under the hood somewhere where the engine info sticker is, just buy a spark plug gapper and set them to the correct measurment.

    Why does my 89 Civic have a low idle?

    89 Civic 16 valve Auto 200+miles (not sure how correct that is), Bone stock.

    Two days ago I was driving up a hill and my car began to shake really hard and struggled to go over 40 mph up the hill. I stopped at the nearest stop light and it shaked so bad that it seemed like it was going to knock off right there if I didn't give it gas. Came home, went to change the spark plug wires and noticed there was Oil in the #3 cylinder. I automatically think it's the cylinder seals and go order some new ones, come back two days later and take out the other spark plugs to see what condition they're in, spark plug in cylinder #2 has burnt oil on it and some oil around it. I clean everything up and replace the seals. Put the new wires on and start it up, nothing has changed. It's idling way too low and feeling like it's going to knock off everytime I come to a stop, slow down, or go in reverse. I don't know what else to check! Anyone willing to help a new civic owner?Why does my 89 Civic have a low idle?What you are experiencing is called %26quot;blow by%26quot;. You are losing compression because your rings are shot. That's another reason as to why you are finding oil in the cylinders %26amp; burnt oil.

    I recommend going %26amp; having a compression test done, this will help you determine if for sure you are losing compression due to the rings being shot.

    Btw, the chance of the rings being shot w/as many miles as your car has on it, is not uncommon. It's only a matter of time, unless you've already noticed, before it starts burning oil %26amp; you see thick, foul smelling smoke come out of your tail pipe.

    Unless you don't mind tearing down your engine to replace all your seals, gaskets %26amp; rings yourself, then the car is probably worth salvaging... for now. However, if you are unable to do that %26amp; require a mechanic to do it, sad to say, it's going to cost several times more than what the car is worth.

    You are better off cruising around your local junk yards %26amp; on ebay to hunt up another engine. This is way cheaper than having to rebuild an engine yourself or buy another car, by far LOL.

    Best of luck!Why does my 89 Civic have a low idle?hondas suckWhy does my 89 Civic have a low idle?It needs a check up at the Honda dealer. Put it on their PC. it will say what the problem it. Maybe one of the sensors is bad. It's a simple problem.Why does my 89 Civic have a low idle?its sounds like the timing belt jumped a tooth. check the condition of the timing belt and also check the timing. if it hasnt been replaced, then that sounds like a place to check. also simply check vaccum hoses, gas filters, intake or cat could be clogged. high mileage on that car.Why does my 89 Civic have a low idle?89 civic huh, you might need one of 2 things, cheapest is a tune up. or get you timing belt changed and a tune up. that should fix your problem

    After how many miles Geo Prizm needs Tune Up? What all should be done in Tune up?

    I have 1997 Geo Prizm 1.6 L. The Previous owner had replaced spark plugs at 95000 Miles. Now the odometer shows 115000 Miles.

    Do I need to do Tune Up? The Auto shop asked me to change spark plugs, Wire Set, Dist Cap and Dist Rotor. Do I need to change all these or Can I change just Spark Plugs?After how many miles Geo Prizm needs Tune Up? What all should be done in Tune up?Change them again at 120,000 miles (regular service interval) or 125,000 miles... generally it's every 30,000 miles !

    It would be wise to change at least the wire set every 60,000... but the rotor and cap should be changed along with the plugs ! I would recommend that you have the timing belt replaced at that time as well... rule of thumb with the timing belt is every 60,000 miles !After how many miles Geo Prizm needs Tune Up? What all should be done in Tune up?you can just change the spark plugs but thats not going to make the car run any better cause you have to change it all like the dist cap and rotor and wires and air filter and and of course plugs and then you might want to do a oil change too after all you are doing a tune up why stop there why not do it all at the same time that way its out of the way and you wont have to worry about it for a while and it is recomended that you do a tune up and oil change every 6 months depending on how much driven you do if its a lote then you might want to do it in 4 months cause oil gets dirty quick and plugs get worn out fast and do get black and get very hot so thats about the best i can tell you for now after all i have worked on cars for over 13 yrs and im a ase certafied mechanic and have my own shop so i hope this helps thanks..........

    '96 Ford Taurus spark plug question!! please help!?

    My 1996 Taurus had an odor of gasoline when the engine runs so i decided to change the spark plugs and wires. A day before that one of my wires was smoking, i thought that it was due to it touching something hot like the manifold. After changing the plugs and wires, i drove around the block and realized that it was smoking again. I then saw that the middle plug (cylinder 2) was smoking, i unplugged the wire off of the plug and there was blue smoke all over. It smelled like rubber! What is the problem? is it an electrical problem? How do i fix it?? Please help!!!'96 Ford Taurus spark plug question!! please help!?that's a interesting one, I don't know offhand, I'll try to find out.
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  • How do I tell if the spark plug wires are connected properly?

    The vehicle is a 91 Chevy c1500 with a 350 EFI (throttle body) engine. It has almost 150k miles. I have had a very bad skip for some time. I changed fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor, and distributor cap. I have also run a fuel system cleaner through it. Since replacing the last three things the skip has become worse leading me to believe the wires are connected wrong. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks...How do I tell if the spark plug wires are connected properly?check the wires to make sure they are conected properly and not loose, If you changed the distributor you may have put it in out of time and will need to set the timing on the engine, or pull it back out and reinstall it correctly, it's real easy to check it but you'll need a compression gauge to find out when number one cylinder is at TDC then work from there. Get a manual for it, it would take to long to explain the steps here. hopefully it's just a loose wire, you may want to check the distributor cap to make sure it's tight, there is a notch that the cap sits into on the distributor, if it's not in right and is sitting crooked that can cause problems.How do I tell if the spark plug wires are connected properly?as long as they made a ''Click%26quot; noise when you snapped them in then they are in good.. did you gap the spark plugs before you installed them? if they didnt come pre-gapped and you installed them without gapping it would cause the problem to get worse... that may be your problem...J-rodHow do I tell if the spark plug wires are connected properly?did u replace the wires one at a time so as not to get them crossed ??How do I tell if the spark plug wires are connected properly?a couple of suggestions,open the hood while engine is running,listen for a electrical snapping sound,spark maybe jumping to ground from a lead wire that connects to spark plug.sometimes if you try this at night time (dark out) you may see a spark jumping.get a good pair of insulated pliers (ZAP YOU IF NOT WELL INSULATED) and gently pull off 1 plug lead at a time to see(hear) if you notice any difference on how it idles,each time 1 is pulled you should notice a difference in the smoothness at idle,be care full high energy ignition can give you one H of a jolt.

    How can i inprove my mpg?

    I have a 1998 Ford Explorer Xlt(v-6 ohc) and im looking to improve on my miles per gallon. So far i change the oil every 3k and i have since changed the spark plugs wires and air filter. Is there anything i can replace or alter to get a better result then i am already getting?How can i inprove my mpg?There is no magic bullet here. No magic bolt on. No magic additive. The basics will do more for you than anything else.

    Slow down, don't speed

    Keep your tires properly inflated

    Accelerate slowly

    Decelerate slowly

    Keep your vehicle well maintained

    Remove excess weight.

    Plan and consolidate your tripsHow can i inprove my mpg?You don't state what mpg you're currently getting but i would guess 17-19 highway. Those V6s were never mileage champs. Also, you don't say whether it's 2 or 4WD. If 4WD, then subtract 2 mpg.

    Your best bets for upping mpg? Make sure that tyres are properly inflated, eliminate any excess weight from cargo area, keep your right foot light %26amp; don't go %26gt;65 miles/hr.

    The only other thing i'd recommend is having the fuel injectors cleaned.How can i inprove my mpg?In a nutshell NO. This all depends on where you drive the vehicle and how. Try to maintain a speed will help. Heep city driving to a minimum ( its where the fuel consumption is going up) and i would actually sel it if it really bothers you ( i know its not the answer you were looking for but its the truth. If you can do without it then get rid of it)How can i inprove my mpg?Drive it economically, keeping revs down, high a gear as possible, avoiding sudden acceleration and braking, anticipating slowing down for lights, junctions etc. Make sure the tyres are correct pressure, avoid using aircon.How can i inprove my mpg?Keep the tires properly inflated. The most dramatic improvement is produced by careful driving. In a Ford that's pretty touchy with the quick-jump accellerator that jackrabbits as soon as you touch it.How can i inprove my mpg?replace the fan to elct fan and remove the fan that run with the motorHow can i inprove my mpg?empty the boot (for USA read trunk) to lessen drag. What do Ford advise? Remove roof-rack for same reaon as empty boot.How can i inprove my mpg?explorers are known to use lots of gas. Find something better on gas.How can i inprove my mpg?Drive more slowly.How can i inprove my mpg?Without doubt, you better pick yourself

    How do i change the rotors, condenser and coil on my car?

    i dont know much about cars, and if someone could possibly tell me how to on my 62 galaxie. i dont live near any mechanics and i can learn by startin with this. i was able to drive this old ford for about 5 days straight before it stubbornly refused to start. i already changed the spark plugs and wires.

    i drive this car everyday and im not givin up yet, these problems dont discourage meHow do i change the rotors, condenser and coil on my car?well you have a points style ignition and it sounds like the points need resetting, i can't go in to it but you should go and pick up an old repair manual for your car it will give you the instructions you need to do this.How do i change the rotors, condenser and coil on my car?A repair job on anything at all should always begin with checking the very simplest and most obvious things first. The very first thing I would check is the battery. Turn the headlights on for about a minute at night and watch to see if they start fading. If they do, then you have a weak battery that may need a charge or replacement. If they stay bright, go on to the next thing, which would be the ignition.

    When you first turn the key, does it make any sound at all. If it makes a repeated clicking noise, that means that the ignition is passing electricity through to the starter alright, but the starter isn't turning over to catch.

    So, the problem MAY be with your starter, or with the starter solenoid. Take the starter out and take it to a shop to have it checked. If it's o.k., put it back in.

    Then the problem MAY be with the voltage regulator, the coil, or the distributor. All three of those have something to do with regulating electricity. These are fairly cheap-if you can find replacement parts for such an old car.

    If you discover that the problem in in the distributor, those parts should be cheap and easy find. You will need to replace everything in the distributor, such as the points, the rotor and the distributor cap itself, If you get new points, be sure to ask for the correct gap setting for them at the store. No more room to write.How do i change the rotors, condenser and coil on my car?it only has 1 rotor which you just lift up on it and put the other 1 on the same way. as for the condenser your better off to change the points too. the condenser hooks to the points, probably with a little nut and it has a screw to hold it down. as for the coil, you have a long screw, loosen it and take the 2 wires off and the coil will pull straight out but remember the + is the ignition on the coil and the - goes to the distributor.How do i change the rotors, condenser and coil on my car?Country boy, You need to remove the distributor cap and focus on the points. They open and close by the shaft seen inside. The best thing to do is ask around to see if you can convert the distributor to an electronic one. This NEVER needs points or any adjustments. It depends on the engine size and other factors. You will get better power and MPG's if you do this. The coil can then be updated to a more powerful unit!! WHat engine size is this???

    Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?

    I have a '84 633csi bmw. I changed the oil and plugs and when I started it again I heard a ticking noise. How can I figure out which caused this? The old oil was really dark (previous owner must not have changed the oil in a long time). A couple of the plugs were worse than the others. I decided not to change the wires. I already changed the oil to 20w50, thicker than the first oil which was 5w30. I also poured in a quart of additive thats supposed to quiet noisy lifters, but that didnt help. Any suggestions?Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?For one, a spark plug will not make any kind of external noise if defective. It would only cause the entire cylinder to %26quot;miss%26quot; which you would feel as a roughness to the engine operation.

    The ticking noise is almost definitely oil related. 20W50 is what is recommended for that engine, but you may have heavy buildup in the oil passages causing reduced oil flow.

    You could use an engine flush treatment (pour it in, run the engine for 20 minutes or whatever the package says) drain the oil and switch a step back to a 15W40 oil. In many cases you need to be patient for a day or two of driving for the noise to completely go away.

    If that fails it may simply be worn parts within the upper engine, or blocked oil passages that can't be cleaned with a simple chemical additive.Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?Rick is right.

    You don't put thick oil in cars like this. Thick oil is for older car with more %26quot;bearing clearance%26quot; newer cars are made with much tighter clearance.

    It is probably valve noise. Probably not a big deal other than the noise. Toyota's tick like that and run forever.

    The problem is that thick oil may not be able to get in between the bearings to give you proper lubrication.

    P.S. Don't ever use those quick fix additives. They cause more problems than they promise to fix.

    Drain oil and start over...Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?Give the car a major tune up ,plugs wires oil change with oil change depending on mileage use heaver weight with higher mileage and a lesser weight on lower mileage .If noise is still their have your valves checked.Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?Go back to 5w30 oil or perhaps 10w30, if ticking continues check for spark plug wires arching, motor running and in the dark.Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?Start the engine and look at it in the dark.

    You'll see if the wires are arcing.Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?The tick sounds like a sticky lifter, and 20W50 isn't going to help, either. Why the heavy oil ??Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?one of the plug wire are short

    1999 Toyota Sienna Plug Wires and Ignition Coils replacement?

    Should I preemptively replace my plug wires and ignition coils at 150,000 miles and / or how should I know when to replace them?

    I'm about to do a 150,000 mile tune-up. I'm planning to do a Transmission Flush, oil %26amp; filter change, change spark plugs and replace valve cover seals (front is visibly leaking). At this point the engine runs great and has never blown a code.

    I know that Spark plug wires eventually degrade and that coils will eventually fail. Should I just wait until the engine blows codes, or should I replace earlier?1999 Toyota Sienna Plug Wires and Ignition Coils replacement?i would say to leave the coils alone and just do the plugs and wires and the other stuff you plain on doing.
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  • What is the correct spark plug wire placement on a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge with 3.0L V6 FI OHV engine?

    Haynes Repair Manual #36071 shows the coil pack as:




    , as you were looking at it from the front of the vehicle. It shows the spark plugs as:




    , as looking at the vehicle from the front.

    This is NOT how this vehicle was plugged in when I went about to change the spark plugs and wires. The 6, 5, 4 plugs were plugged into the 3, 2, 1 spots on the coil pack, and the 3,2,1 plugs to the 5,6,4 coil pack spots. The vehicle was running fine though?!

    This pickup has about 122,000 miles on it, and I've only had it a couple of months. The spark plugs I took out were autolite, so I assume the previous owner had changed his plugs at least once since they weren't motorcraft.

    Every DIY instruction I can find online, any manual I have, and anything in forums I read suggest that in Ford Rangers 1995 and later, this truck was wired totally backwards with the spark plug wires yet was running ok somehow. The coil pack is motorcraft, so I doubt it was switched somehow.What is the correct spark plug wire placement on a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge with 3.0L V6 FI OHV engine?If the truck ran fine I would put the wires on exactly like you took them off.One at a time. Getting to the coil pack. They could have used a differant coil. You can call ford with the motorcraft part number and confirmed that this is the right coil pack for your truck, but really as long as it runs good why bother.

    1988 Nissan Pathfinder spark plug and wire replacement?

    I was just wondering how hard it is to change the spark plugs and wires in a 1988 nissan pathfinder...thanks a bunch1988 Nissan Pathfinder spark plug and wire replacement?just follow the spark plug wires from the distributor to the end of the wire and at the end is the spark plug if it looks hard to get at then it will be. if you can see it then it should be easy to access. and for the wires you just simply unplug them and plug the new ones in

    How much should it cost to have the spark plugs changed on a sentra, and...? much should it be to have the wires changed as well?How much should it cost to have the spark plugs changed on a sentra, and...?This would not be too bad the parts will be 50 to 75 dollars and you are looking at an hour of labor.How much should it cost to have the spark plugs changed on a sentra, and...?To do it your self not much 25 to $75 depending on cost of parts, to have a shop do it, depends on the shop some charge 40 to $75 an hour most with an hour min.How much should it cost to have the spark plugs changed on a sentra, and...?Based on the average 100/hour rate a reputable shop charges, I would say 80 dollars labor to change the plugs without parts and tops 120 dollars for spark plugs and wires labor wise. You'd need to be more specific as to what kind of parts are being used for the replacement, autozone or plugs and wires from a Nissan dealership.How much should it cost to have the spark plugs changed on a sentra, and...?Depends. I am pretty sure that the Sentra only has a 4-banger in it so, getting the plugs replaced shouldn't be too bad. 75-100 bucks. Having the wires replaced usually doubles the estimate. So, 200 tops unless they have to take off some subassemblies. If you find a place that does it super cheap make sure you ask what kind of plugs they are putting in. There is a reason why plugs vary in price.

    Changing Ford Ranger spark plugs... Help?

    Okay... I went to change my spark plugs and when i went to pull the wires off the plugs they were stuck... The plug wires will not come off the plugs... No matter how dang hard i pull they will no come off. I have even tried to use plyers.! it does not work! Any ideas?! Thanks....Changing Ford Ranger spark plugs... Help?Twist the boots untill they pop free, don't pull or twist the wires. Getting something under the end of the boot and pulling up can help too.

    How do you access the lower end of the spark plug wires on a 2003 s-10? they're waaay down there.?

    I'm trying to change the plugs and wires on my truck, but I can't figure out how to reach them! I'm no mechanic, so any pointers are appreciated.How do you access the lower end of the spark plug wires on a 2003 s-10? they're waaay down there.?They make a wire boot tool, keeps you from ripping up the wires, but if you're replacing them, just tug them up.

    You'll need an extension and the proper socket... I suggest taping the socket and extension together so the socket don't pop off down in the hole... and use a SPARK PLUG socket which has the rubber insulator which holds the plug... everything should come out just fine. Good Luck!How do you access the lower end of the spark plug wires on a 2003 s-10? they're waaay down there.?Pull on it! Grab it and pull!!!

    Your going to need an extension on the socket to get the plugs.

    A wire boot tool? Thats a rip off!!!

    But thumps up for the guy below me!How do you access the lower end of the spark plug wires on a 2003 s-10? they're waaay down there.?you'll need a swivel spark plug socket,and a 16mm wrench to access the #3 spark plug by the steering shaft, you may be able to jack up the truck and access some plug from the tire well,its best you allow vehicle to cool down so you don't burn your self on the hot exhaust,when u remove spark plug boot use a twisting motion to unstick them from the spark plug,so they don't break if you're planning to reuse wiresHow do you access the lower end of the spark plug wires on a 2003 s-10? they're waaay down there.?When you work on newer cars nothing is easy to get to. You have to expect to take parts off to get to what you want.How do you access the lower end of the spark plug wires on a 2003 s-10? they're waaay down there.?sometimes you can remove the tire and the small spash gaurd and you'll be able to get to themHow do you access the lower end of the spark plug wires on a 2003 s-10? they're waaay down there.?i know exactly what your talking about. i changed some not too long for a guy and they were somrthing else, i had to take a coat hanger and make a hook to get hold of them.
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  • I know the firing order for my 02 Taurus but How does it hook up to the coil pack and in what order, direction

    Ever since messing with the tune up I've experienced a check engine light. I recently tried to change spark plug wires around and attempt different hook ups. Since then I haven't found a smooth running configuration and something towards the bottom of the car is getting very hot (RED HOT). After driving 3 miles at 30 mph it was smoking. Keep in mind the car wires are probably hooked up wrong. I know the firing order is 1-4-2-5-3-6 but I don't know how to apply that know to hook it up properly and efficiently. I know that at the front it is 4 5 6 but how do I hook it up to the coil pack? And will this fix the excess heat that I've been noticing since messing with the wiring?I know the firing order for my 02 Taurus but How does it hook up to the coil pack and in what order, directionGo buy the book for your car.

    Car won't start. Changed fuel injector, fuel line, distributor cap & module & wires, sparks changed too HELP?

    I started having trouble starting my truck a few months ago and it would take about 5 or more turns of the key to get it started once it did start I didn't have any problems about a month ago I had taken it to a shop and they told me it was my fuel injector so I got that replaced and fuel lines also. It still did the same thing, It ran a little smoother but still hard to turn over after sitting a while, anyway I was driving it yesterday and stopped at about 5 places and the last stop it didn't want to turn over even after running a while I sat for about 10 minutes and it eventually turned over, I parked it in the garage and decided to change the distributor, rotor, %26amp; wire's, the spark plugs were changed in the summer, After doing all that it still won't start at ALL. I had a friend to check the gas valve on top and it shot out when he pressed the value when turning the key, he says he thinks my timing is out, What do you think and how can I check that to see if it really is the timing?Car won't start. Changed fuel injector, fuel line, distributor cap %26amp; module %26amp; wires, sparks changed too HELP?Fuel pump.Car won't start. Changed fuel injector, fuel line, distributor cap %26amp; module %26amp; wires, sparks changed too HELP?If you haven't already, have your electrical and charging system checked thoroughly, including the belt that runs the alternator. Believe it or not, you may have spent an awful lot of money to replace parts that weren't bad simply because no one bothered to make sure the truck had enough power to start.Car won't start. Changed fuel injector, fuel line, distributor cap %26amp; module %26amp; wires, sparks changed too HELP?ya probly timing. cant check that if it dont run unless u play around with timing adjustment and see if it starts. then u know it is. or a bad starter too if u say it dont turn over.Car won't start. Changed fuel injector, fuel line, distributor cap %26amp; module %26amp; wires, sparks changed too HELP?Did you check the fuel pump if so then check to see if your timing chain jumped one link. Good luck.Car won't start. Changed fuel injector, fuel line, distributor cap %26amp; module %26amp; wires, sparks changed too HELP?Year and make would be nice.

    How come my car wont start after changing my spark plug wires?

    2001 ford focus. (Yesterday when i changed them i took the car fot a test drive and it did great. this morning getting up to goto work it wouldn't start. there was power and no check engine light. then 10 mins later i go out there and it cranks over and starts. i go out again 5 mins later and now it wont start pease!How come my car wont start after changing my spark plug wires?So it worked fine for a while and then suddenly didn't work. Perhaps you didn't get the coil wire plugged far enough into the distributor cap, and from engine vibration it worked out far enough to cause what you see, or rather don't see. Make sure the wires go in far enough to %26quot;click%26quot;.How come my car wont start after changing my spark plug wires?Remove and clean your battery cable connectors and the battery posts with a wire brush as shown in the video below. You have a bad connection at the battery. come my car wont start after changing my spark plug wires?Sounds like one of your plug cables is not firmly connected to either the plug or the distributor. Even if they feel tight pull them off and double check. Sometimes the metal connection acceptor inside the rubber end get bent and don't make a good connection.How come my car wont start after changing my spark plug wires?make sure your wires are connected completly.

    What do i need to change spark plugs?

    hi i have a 87 iroc-z camaro tht i actually just got back from the mechanic shop after 1500 dollars of fuel injection cleaning, gas tank flushing, new wires just about everything and the reason is because she was sittin in my oregon driveway with no cover for over 5yrs but when i got her running again i dont belive they changed the spark plugs on her and i was going do it myself but what do i need, would a haynes manual help?, what exact tools do i need, what are the best power effective spark plugs, where's the best place to get everything, how long should it take, is it hard, and should a 12 yr old with basicaly no tools and none mechanical experciance be able to do it? also the engine is a 305 tuned port injection ( fuel injection ) chevy thx!What do i need to change spark plugs?All need is a socket set it should already have a socket for the spark plug in the set and go to auto parts store tell them what year your car is and they will get you what you need depending on how much you want to spend A/C delco plugs are just fine they should already come pre gapped just ask them Its not hard at all to change them just do them 1 at a time and put the plug wires back on just like you took them off hope this helps you I had a car just like it years ago now I have 67 and 68 camaro but good luck you will learn best by doing it yourself.....What do i need to change spark plugs?Basic socket set with sparkplug socket is all you need. get ac delco plugs also replace cap and rotor and wiresWhat do i need to change spark plugs?You need a ratchet an extension spark plug socket, BOSCH spark plugs. Make sure you put the wires on exactly how they came off %26amp; and it shouldn't take a 12 year old any longer than 45 minutes. and yeah a haynes manual would help. ANY AUTO PARTS STORE.What do i need to change spark plugs?a spark plug wrench and definately spark plugs. you spent all that money at the shop and he didnt change the spark plugs for you ???????????????????????????????????????What do i need to change spark plugs?If they tuned it up they should have done this.

    Spark plugs ignite the fuel in each cylinder. If they don't work well less fuel get burned. You'll need the socket wrench, an extension drive, and the socket.What do i need to change spark plugs?Every car owner should have a haynes/Clymers repair manual and some tools, second hand is good too.

    Anyway the job is pretty easy.

    Tools needed:

    Pliers to pull off plug caps.

    Socket wrench with long extension bar.

    Spark plug socket with the rubber ring inside.

    Spark plug gaper

    Spark plugs NGK or Champion brand is ok. Or replace with same brand you were using.

    Shop ttowelsor old rag.

    Remove plugs counter clockwise

    Don't over tighten when installing.What do i need to change spark plugs?you need to let your dad do it or an uncle,older brother. sorry dude but if its fuel injected those spark plugs can put out alot of voltage.What do i need to change spark plugs?If you have never changed spark plugs, you should be aware that there are things that can go wrong. If you under-tighten the plugs, they may slowly back out of the head and with only a few threads holding them in, blow out with the high pressure and strip the threads.

    If you cross thread a plug, the plug can seize in the head and you won't be able to remove it.

    If you over-tighten the plugs, you can also cause damage to the threads which can lead to plug or head failure.

    It is not a difficult task to change the plugs, but I would purchase a Haynes or Chiltons manual and get someone who is familiar with the process, to help you.

    The minimum you will need is a 3/8%26quot; ratchet, a 4%26quot; and a 6%26quot; extension, a plug socket, and plugs. O'Rielly, Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys are all reliable places to get parts and tools.What do i need to change spark plugs?Aside from the things already mentioned, a little nickel based anti-seize for the threads and dielectric grease for the plug boots will make changing them again in the future much easier. Only put the anti-seize on the threads, and use it sparingly, you dont want it in the cylinder.

    last tip, before removing the plugs clean as much dirt and grease and gunk away from the plugs as possible, you dont want anything falling in the cylinder when you take the old plugs out.

    Can old spark plug wires that lose insulation properties and spark between each other cause engine power loss?

    I installed a new engine, and used the same spark plug wires, not knowing how old they were. I changed my oil at 500 miles, and noticed lately that there was a severe loss of power. I saw sparking between the wires and towards the nearest ground. I figure this is because they're old. Before I go to the Parts store, is there anything else that might cause this loss of power, or is this the likely cause. Timing is perfect, all sensors are new, check engine light not on. Distributor making contact. EGR seems a little noisy, but not enough to cause a problem like this. Also, when injectors were bad, check engine light came on before, so I don't think this is a possibility. Any thoughts?Can old spark plug wires that lose insulation properties and spark between each other cause engine power loss?very much so. you will have dead cylinders (misses) in the engine. you will smell the unburned fuel as it gets worseCan old spark plug wires that lose insulation properties and spark between each other cause engine power loss?Yes, they begin to jump sparks into each other and other metal they contact I would definitely change the plugs and the wires. you will be surprised at the difference.Can old spark plug wires that lose insulation properties and spark between each other cause engine power loss?yep major powerloss and missing fireCan old spark plug wires that lose insulation properties and spark between each other cause engine power loss?YES the sparks you saw mean no spark inside the cylinder so you are wasting alot of gas-at 2.50 per gallon you can easily afford GOOD wires
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  • How do you change a spark plug boot?

    I have a straight boot on one of the plug wires and its sitting on the header i was wondering how to replace it with a 90 degree boot. Can someone please tell me step by step how to do it. Or do i need to buy all new plug wires.How do you change a spark plug boot?your best bet would be to replace the wires. If they were custom/ cut and boot yourself wires, then just cut off the str8 boot and crimp on the new elbow boot (assuming you have enough length). but wires aren't that pricey and it's a whole lot eaiser to just replace them.How do you change a spark plug boot?Usually new wires are the best bet - the old ones are probably worn out anyway.

    You might be able to find some angle ones that crimp on, but any high-resistance connection (worn wire, bad connection, etc) will cause you to lose spark.

    Problem when changing spark plugs?

    After changing one of the spark plugs in my '92 mazda mx-3 I went to put the plug wire on, but it wouldnt go.

    What happened was the rubber part from inside of the spark plug socket had come out and is stuck on the plug inside the motor.

    I have tried forcing the socket on to the end of the plug to get the rubber piece to stick in the socket, but it won't work.

    How can I get the rubber piece out of there??Problem when changing spark plugs?you should be able to put the socket back on and try turning to different positions untl it goes on. It will take a little force. Then you can screw the plug out. Or you can try long long nose pliers.Problem when changing spark plugs?see if you can cut it off, if not, burn it offProblem when changing spark plugs?buy a new wire and replace it. motorcycle wires are repairable so go to a motorcycle dealer with the wire from your car and ask them to sell you a single wire or a kit to build one the right length. pretty easy fix.Problem when changing spark plugs?You can put the socket back on spark plug and screw the spark plug back out of the engine, remove the socket form the plug and then the rubber bushen, or use a pair of needle nose pliars to pull the rubber off with the spark plug still in the engine.Problem when changing spark plugs?rotate the engine to where the piston is high and then get the rubber out with wire.

    Is there any online information on how to change break pads?

    online information or diagrams on how to change brake pads and turn rotars on a 1995 pontiac sunfire also any information on how to change the spark plugs and spark plug wires on a pontiac sunfire 1995 ? the engine is quite awkward the plugs and wires seem to be hard to locate and reachIs there any online information on how to change break pads?Go to www.advanceautoparts.comand look under %26quot;know how articles%26quot;.Is there any online information on how to change break pads?Spend the $20 %26amp; buy a Haynes or Chilton manual for you vehicle. It's money well spent %26amp; you will have it for future reference.

    _ _ _Is there any online information on how to change break pads?I can change your brake pads. ^_^ I've done the procedure hundreds of times.Is there any online information on how to change break pads?,199

    good luck...Is there any online information on how to change break pads?Oh man it is easy to do. Once you do one it becomes clear how to do others atleast for disk brakes. I pressume that is what you have wince you spoke of turning rotors.

    Go online do a search for changing brake pads or join a forum for your vehicle.Is there any online information on how to change break pads?First things first.

    The article I'm giving you is a general how-to on how to do your brake pads. Turning your rotors is something you can't do at home. You need to take the rotors (which should come off in the process of changing the brake pads) to a shop and ask them IF they can be turned (if they have been turned before or if they are warped, you may not be able to turn them).

    As for the plugs and wires, just follow your plug wires to the end, and voila! There are the plugs. Do those one at a time, and make sure you gap your plugs to the recommended gap. If you don't know the proper gap, you can ask your local parts guy for the proper gap, or look at the manufacturers label under the hood. Somewhere on there is a proper gap setting.

    That being said, it is easier to go down to your parts place and get a Chilton's or Haynes manual. It will have the proper procedure to do both jobs, along with other handy tips to keep your car going.Is there any online information on how to change break pads?Whats to know? To change the brake pads, remove the wheel, un-bolt the caliper (just 2 bolts), lift it off, push in the caliper piston, remove old pads, insert new pads (after lubing them appropriately) and re-install. Same as just about any pad slap on any car. Litterally after removing the wheel there are only 2 bolts to deal with.

    The spark plugs and wires are also no big wup either. Just remove the top cover off the engine and everything is right there. If its a 2.4 DOHC (Quad 4) engine it will not have spark plug wires but rather hard boots that are built right into the cover. These are a frequent source of problems and should be replaced at the same time as the plugs.

    If its a 2.2 engine you might as well replace that leaking valve cover gasket as long as you are in there. That's easy too, something like 11 or 12 bolts and she comes right out.

    How much does it cost to get new spark plugs and wires?

    I have a problem with it idling rough only first thing in the morning and want to rule out the old wires,since they are as old as the car I figure I might try changing them.96 TercelHow much does it cost to get new spark plugs and wires?Its fairly cheap. I would say about 2-5 bucks per plug. And 5 bucks per wire. So yes about 35 for a 4 cylinder and 50 for a 6 cyl. It would possibly be rough driving it too. You can check them to see if they are bad before you change them by simply pulling one off at a time while the car is running. If the car runs rougher when you take it off, then that one is fine and works. Put the wire back on the plug and do the same to the next one.How much does it cost to get new spark plugs and wires?Call the dealer. Aftermarket spark plug wires from your local auto parts stores may cause you more problems than fix. Dealer spark plug wires shouldn't run you more than $50-$100.

    Spark plug wires generally won't cause idle problems but rather acceleration problems. If you car is fuel injected, the cold start valve may be bad. The cold start valve is an extra fuel injector that squirts additional fuel, into the intake, only when the vehicle is cold to prevent the need for %26quot;warming up the vehicle%26quot; before driving a cold vehicle.

    Temperature related driveability problems are difficult to diagnose and can range from dirty idle air intake to fouled oxygen sensors and bad catalytic converters.How much does it cost to get new spark plugs and wires?It should be about $35 for plugs and wires.

    Spark plugs and wire? I dont know ?

    I own a 95 Lexus es300 and i need to change my spark plugs and wires if anyone knows how to do this please let me know or if you know anything about itSpark plugs and wire? I dont know ?Take it to a shop you trust for advice. Those are Platinium plugs, I don't think they sell them at the local car parts stores. What makes you so sure the wires are bad? On a '95 Lexus, that could get expensive. Are you seeing arcing, or did someone tell you to swap out the wires?Spark plugs and wire? I dont know ?its probably not a bad idea to throw a set of plugs and wires on the car all you have to do is take one wire off at a time, take the spark plug out (use a spark plug socket) and replace the spark plug with a new one find the wire that is the same length and put it in the old ones place making sure you run it threw all the clips the same way, as for parts your local parts house ( exp. napa o'rileys car quest pronto) should have them or be able to order them, means its for a lexus they will probably have to order them, but generally you can have them the next day or two days later just tell them and go in knowing, your car make model year and motor size, also a tip for taking plugs wires off, if they wont come try turning them a bit while pulling it normally works pretty well
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  • Spark Plug Wires on 2000 S-10 2.2 engine.?

    I have a 2000 S-10 2.2L 4 cyl. engine. It isn't running well and doesn't have any power. I changed the fuel filter and spark plugs, but my #1 spark plug wire is in bad shape. If this is my problem, how hard is it to change this wire by myself? Keep in mind, this engine is a distributorless engine. The plug wires connect directly to the ignition coils. I tried to follow the plug wires, but couldn't get to the end of them. If someone can tell me where the ignition coil is located maybe it will help. Thanks.Spark Plug Wires on 2000 S-10 2.2 engine.?i have a 99 s-10 and my coil packs are---

    go to the front passenger tire, look staight in above th tire and push the piece of rubber( you will see what im talking about) out of the way and the coilpacks are straight ahead

    the plug wires are a pain to feed down through, but its not that hard

    just make sure you take a piece of tape and write 1-2-3-4 on each end of the wires so you know which one is which and where they go

    and my coilpacks are labeled 1-2-3-4

    Ok i have a oldsmobile 1980 delta88 and its a v8 5.7 but it runs real slow just changed spark plugs?

    and the spark plug wires does any one know how to make it run like a 5.7Ok i have a oldsmobile 1980 delta88 and its a v8 5.7 but it runs real slow just changed spark plugs?its time to take this car to the junk yard and LEAVE IT!

    sorry- get a better (newer) car!Ok i have a oldsmobile 1980 delta88 and its a v8 5.7 but it runs real slow just changed spark plugs?Check the timing and how much timing error there is due to the slack in the timing chain if it is worn out. Put headers and dual exhausts on it for extra horsepower. Put a K%26amp;N air filter in it for a little more power.Ok i have a oldsmobile 1980 delta88 and its a v8 5.7 but it runs real slow just changed spark plugs?Check everything in your emissions aka Air filter, Mass air sensor things like that. Also make sure your timing is correct, if its a little bit off it causes the %26quot;car lagging%26quot;. You might also want to check your fuel filter because if you changed your spark plugs its a %26quot;general%26quot; rule to change your fuel filter. Also, you can check out some of your sensors. Oh yes and one more! aha sorry, it could also be your Idle Air Control Valve! That's what creates your idle, and if that's bad, you'll have bad pick-up (example: takes more than 20 seconds to get to 35 miles per hour)Ok i have a oldsmobile 1980 delta88 and its a v8 5.7 but it runs real slow just changed spark plugs?Did you replace all components of the system? A bad cap/rotor/points (if your car has all of those) will dramatically affect performance.

    Consider having the exhaust system checked. If you don't have proper back-pressure then you may experience a loss of performance.

    Also, run fuel with the proper octane rating. If you're running regular unleaded, try stepping up to mid-grade. You may even see an improvement in fuel economy by doing this...which will help to off-set the added expense.Ok i have a oldsmobile 1980 delta88 and its a v8 5.7 but it runs real slow just changed spark plugs?OTHER PROBLEMS SUCH AS A CLOGED FUEL FILTER OR A STUCK CHOKE OR POSSIBLY A BAD FUEL PUMP. ALSO CHECK AIR FILTER. IF NON OF THE ABOVE HELP CHECH TIMING PROBLEMS DISTRIBUTOR CAP ROTOR SPARK PLUG WIRES ECT, 1 OTHER POSS IS A PLUGED CATALITIC CONVERTER.Ok i have a oldsmobile 1980 delta88 and its a v8 5.7 but it runs real slow just changed spark plugs?Changing out the air filter, fuel filter, and checking the timing might bring up your horsepower a little. Your engine might have many miles on it and an overhaul might be right for you. The rings and your cylinder compression might have something to do with it too.

    How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?

    I am about to buy a 1974 Nova, it needs new points and I have never had to change points before, how do you do this, how hard is it, and where can I get points at? Also should I go ahead and change the spark plugs, distributor and spark plug wires as well, the car has been sitting since 2003, what do yall think? ThanksHow do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?Yes, you need new points, they are a major part of a can get a kit with the points, condenser and rotor at your parts store. you will need a dwell meter to set them after you install them.. it might help to take pictures as you go for when you put it back together..How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?i do not think you should even flirt with the idea of getting this car unless you are just up for wasting money!!!!!How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?Changing the points is easy, they are under the distributor cap, you will need a phillips screwdriver and an allen wrench that fits the socket. They will need to be set to the correct gap (usually around .030%26quot; but varies by engine).

    There can be a lot of things that go bad when a car sits that long dry-rot, seizing parts, gas goes bad etc).

    After a vehicle has been parked that long, it is a good idea to change the oil and filter, as condensation may have collected in the oil pan,no need to change the tranny fluid, it is also a good idea to remove each spark plug and put about a teaspoon of automatic transmission fluid in each cylinder,then replace the spark plugs and wait until the following day before attempting to start it, this is a precautionary measure in case any rust has formed on the piston rings and cyliner walls causing the rings to be stuck to the cylinder walls, worst case scenario you could actually break a piston ring depending on how much of a bond had been formed between your top ring and the cylinder walls, the tranny fluid left overnight will seep down around the rings and lubricate them as well as losen any possible rust, other than that just make sure all your fluids are up to level, when it starts you will have an initial cloud of smoke from the exhaust until the tranny fluid is cleared from the cylinders,this shouldn't take but a minute, after you have it running, you'll want to do a full tune-up, if you have problems with it starting and then dying, you may have to remove the carburetor and clean out all the jets and fuel passages because after sitting for that long, the fuel has definitely gone bad, take a sniff in the fuel tank, it will smell like varnish, maybe it would be a good idea to add several gallons of fresh gasoline to the fuel tank before you even attempt the initial startup. I hope this has helped you out.How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?You should get a Chilton manual.Library? I would change the old distributor to an electronic one.I use to change points and condensers cap and rotors.You will need a timing light and a dwell meter if you intend to keep the old system.The electronic one is the way to go.How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?1974 Nova... Nice choice. I want to put a 572 in a Nova. But I don't really know much about repair so I just use repair guides. I've spent an hour searching for a free one with no luck, but here is one of the cheapest ones.

    The guide shows you how to disassemble, reassemble, repair, and how to maintain anything and everything.

    I really hope that helps. It was the best I could do.How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?Is your library card up to date? See the link for a good no special tools way of getting the job done. The explanation involved complete distributor replacement and not the points but the physical out and in of the point set is easy. From that explanation just pick out what you need. The important thing missing is setting the gap. Put the point rubbing block on the high point of the cam (the widest full open position) and set the gap at .017%26quot; using a screwdriver in a slot that you should see that a gentile twisting prying effort will change the setting. Confused? If so then a trip to the library to take out a repair manual should help. Automotive technicians with experience go to school for around 6 weeks to learn the fine points and YA! is good but no substitute. But if you are the mechanically inclined sort and give it an honest try with a DIY manual then you can get it done without having to use a timing light and dwell meter. It would be a pain to buy those for how little you would use them.

    Lastly, 1974 is like 22 years older than anyone should be buying if they don't have many thousands to spend on restoration. There are plenty of 1996 and newer vehicles available for under a grand and modern engines are way more reliable than older engines.How do you change the points on a 1974 Nova?i've never heard of %26quot;changing the points%26quot; but yea you should change the oil, spark plugs, and the spark plug wires, only if they look bad.