Friday, June 3, 2011

Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?

I have a '84 633csi bmw. I changed the oil and plugs and when I started it again I heard a ticking noise. How can I figure out which caused this? The old oil was really dark (previous owner must not have changed the oil in a long time). A couple of the plugs were worse than the others. I decided not to change the wires. I already changed the oil to 20w50, thicker than the first oil which was 5w30. I also poured in a quart of additive thats supposed to quiet noisy lifters, but that didnt help. Any suggestions?Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?For one, a spark plug will not make any kind of external noise if defective. It would only cause the entire cylinder to %26quot;miss%26quot; which you would feel as a roughness to the engine operation.

The ticking noise is almost definitely oil related. 20W50 is what is recommended for that engine, but you may have heavy buildup in the oil passages causing reduced oil flow.

You could use an engine flush treatment (pour it in, run the engine for 20 minutes or whatever the package says) drain the oil and switch a step back to a 15W40 oil. In many cases you need to be patient for a day or two of driving for the noise to completely go away.

If that fails it may simply be worn parts within the upper engine, or blocked oil passages that can't be cleaned with a simple chemical additive.Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?Rick is right.

You don't put thick oil in cars like this. Thick oil is for older car with more %26quot;bearing clearance%26quot; newer cars are made with much tighter clearance.

It is probably valve noise. Probably not a big deal other than the noise. Toyota's tick like that and run forever.

The problem is that thick oil may not be able to get in between the bearings to give you proper lubrication.

P.S. Don't ever use those quick fix additives. They cause more problems than they promise to fix.

Drain oil and start over...Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?Give the car a major tune up ,plugs wires oil change with oil change depending on mileage use heaver weight with higher mileage and a lesser weight on lower mileage .If noise is still their have your valves checked.Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?Go back to 5w30 oil or perhaps 10w30, if ticking continues check for spark plug wires arching, motor running and in the dark.Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?Start the engine and look at it in the dark.

You'll see if the wires are arcing.Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?The tick sounds like a sticky lifter, and 20W50 isn't going to help, either. Why the heavy oil ??Ticking noise from spark plugs or oil change?one of the plug wire are short

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