Friday, June 3, 2011

2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?


I have a 2005 Ford Focus 5 speed. I'm planning on changing the plugs and wires this weekend and am looking for suggestions concerning a good, all-around, affordable spark plug to purchase. Any advice? Also- what is the recommended gap-width and how do I set it?

Thanks!2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?I am guessing it came with Motorcraft or Autolites, good plugs and probably platinum. You should not have to change them until 100,000 miles. and I also don't think you have wires. My Focus has Coil on Plug system .. the coil is directly above each plug.. If it is not running well it may be a different problem.. do you have a %26quot;check engine lite on%26quot;??.. Auto-zone will read the code and tell you what the problem is..2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?NGK is what i use i don't know the gap on your plugs but if you look under your hood there is a white sticker that should tell you or its in the owners manual. you will need a plug gapper. you can pick it up when you buy your plugs. the gapper is only a buck. the place you buy the plugs from can tell you what the gap is and will even show how to use the gapper. but most NGKs are pre gapped but is a good i dea to check them.2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?N G K anytime2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?Get NGK plugs but make sure they are the correct ones listed for the car, dont use the motorcraft plugs they are rubbish! Get you spark plug wires from the dealer, I have put aftermarket ones in befor and it usuall leads to the spark tracing down the inside of the lead, ruining the plug and causing a missfire.

If the plugs speced for your car a platnium they will be gapped out of the box, DONT touch them just put them in, they have a very small center electrode which is easily bent/damaged.

As for the plugs lasting 100,000 miles, Im pretty sure the factory change is supposed to be at 60,000 miles or before.

Most of the focus's Ive worked on have developed missfires before this so probably better to change them more often anyway2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?Dude, if you are asking how to set your plugs and what type to buy on here, DON'T do it yourself! Take it to a real mechanic, you are driving a car with a misspelling, it should be spelled with two %26quot;U%26quot;s and no %26quot;O%26quot;2005 Ford Focus spark plugs...?well, i would go with BOCSH PLATINUM spark plugs, there pretty good plugs, and for the gap, it should say the gap SPECS under the hood somewhere where the engine info sticker is, just buy a spark plug gapper and set them to the correct measurment.

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